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Finding Herbs to Lower Cholesterol
Finding Herbs to Lower Cholesterol
Cholesterol the unseen killer. But it isnt that simple. Its never that simple and in this article I will discuss lowering Cholesterol and Herbs to Lower Cholesterol.

A group chemical with the repution of dredging cholesterol from the bloodstreeam are phytosterols. They are contained in almost all plants but the noble Sesame seed registers with the highest quantity as a dry nut. A similar product with a high level of phytosterols would be Sunflower seeds. Many other nuts and vegetables are worth looking into. I know Lettuce and Asparagus do well as do Okra and Tomatoes
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Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol
OK you've been to the Doctor and he has confirmed that you have high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance called a lipid that is found in all body cells and that is produced by the liver. Extra cholesterol is not needed and it mainly enters our body when eating foods of animal origin. Cholesterol travels to cells through the bloodstream, by means of lipoproteins.

The important bit to remember here is that there are two types of cholesterol. Good - HDL and Bad LDL
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The levels of cholesterol in the blood may become too high. This condition is known as high cholesterol or hyperlipidemia. With high levels of LDL cholesterol there is an enormous risk of heart diseases as well as an increased risk of strokes. LDL cholesterol affects the lining of blood vessels by irritating them and stimulating atherosclerosis, which is a hardening of the arteries. It then becomes imperative to lower cholesterol levels by fair means or foul. Increased age leads to an increased risk. In the UK at least it is routine for General Practitioners to prescribe such drugs as Simvastatin a "statin" to all patients over 55. ..... More..... Click Here